Because you care!

You don’t want your BFF (Best Furry Friend) snacking on junk food all day. That won’t make them healthy. That’s why we created Sally Snacks – the best dog treat in the world!™ Dogs go bonkers for the all natural, meaty taste (Just ask our pups: Hazel, Sancho, Max, Lucy & Ginger), and our carefully selected healthy ingredients help keep both of you happy. 


This is me and Sally back in 2014

Shortly after this she got cancer and that’s when I had to take a closer look at what I fed her. I was shocked to find so many dog food brands were made with antibiotics, GMOs, added sugar, fillers, grains, preservatives, and lots of other artificial junk.

I wanted to feel good about what I fed Sally so I started making healthy, all natural food. I even made special treats, hand rolling grass fed, New Zealand venison with organic turmeric, and adding organic black pepper to boost the natural quality of turmeric. They really got her tail wagging! I loved Sally and now I pour that love into Sally Snacks. I hope you can feel that every time you open a bag.

Thanks, Lisa